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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Karva Chauth 2018 - Celebrate The Bond of Marriage !

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Happy Karwa Chauth 2018

Karva Chauth is a Hindu festival on which married women observe fast for their husband's long life. This festival is very famous in Northern India. Unmarried girls also do this fast for their future husaband's long and happy life. They keep fast from sunrise to till moon rise and break their fast after seeing the moon only. The fast is only broken after seeing the moon and after all rituals of that particular day have been performed. When the moon has appeared, women break the fast after they have offered water to the moon. Women wear new clothes, jewellery and apply mehandi on their hands.Karwa Chauth is celebrated 9 days before Diwali Festival on third or fourth days of kartik month by Hindu calendar. Parents send gifts to their daughter on this festival.

Here we are sharing Unique Gift Ideas for karwa Cahuth 2018
Unique Gift Ideas For Karwa Chauth

Online Flower Bouquets : Karva Cauth is celebrated like Valentine Day in India, but it related to our rituals and riti riwas. This is celebrated by Hindu across the world. If you are away from your partner you can send gifts from Gifts For Her section and send flower bouquets online.

Online Cake Delivery : You can also send a combo of Flowers and Cakes to your loved one. Now a days there are so many websites available which can deliver it on behalf of you. You have to just order it online and it will get deliver on same day.

Gift A Designer Saree : You can order any designer saree of red, maroon or golden colour with matching jewellery for your wife. If you would like to add something additional gifts you can also order them to surprise your sweetheart.

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This year Karva Chauth 2018 is celebrating on 27th or 28th October.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Rakhi 2018 : Raksha Bandan Timings With Shubh Muhurat To Tie A Rakhi !

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Raksha Bandan is a festival to show true love and bond between a brother and sister. On this Special day sister tie a rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. On this day brother promise to protect his sister from all intact. Rakhi is celebrated every year in the month of Shravana when moon is full, on purnima day. Date of Rakhi Festival is not always same, it vary every year. This year Rakhi 2018 going to celebrate on 26th August, Sunday.

Raksh Bandan 2018

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Now, the most important thing is the Raksha Bandan Timing to tie a Rakhi. According to our shaster everything has a "Subh Muhurat" and it is better we do our work accordingly. Raksha Bandhan Shubh Muhurat begin at 6 A.M in the morning to 5:30 P.M in the evening. The auspicious Raksha Bandan time is during Aparahan time and it is advise to celebrate during that time only.

In case you missed to tie a Rakhi at Aparahan time, Pradosh time is also auspicious time for the the Raksha Bandhan. Pradosh time is around 7 P.M

Rakhi 2018

Bhadra Time :  According to Hindu religious manuscripts, it is advise that not to tie a Rakhi at this time. Bhadra time is consider very auspicious time for Rakhsha Bandan. Bhadra time is before sunrise.

When sister tie rakhi on her brother's wrist, brother promises her to be with her always and to show his love he also gift her some chocolates, sweets, flowers or dress. You can also surprise your sister by gifting her something special. When it comes to gift something what can be more beautiful gift then Send Flowers Online .You can also add some add-on-products like chocolates, sweets, greeting cards or gifts to make it more special. We are the Best Online Florist In India and do Online Flower Delivery across India at cheapest price and free shipping.

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Happy Raksha Bandan

Wish you all a Very Very Happy Raksha Bandan 2018.


Sunday, 12 August 2018

How To Celebrate A Colourful Rakhi & Lord Krishna Janmashtami Festival !

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Rakhi & Janmashtami Festival:  
Raksha Bandan is celebrating on 25th August 2018 and Janmashtami is celebrating on 2nd September 2018.
It is better to perform one's own duties imperfectly than to master the duties of another. By fulfilling the obligations he is born with, a person never comes to grief. .......
By : Bhaagvad Gita - Lord Krishna -

More about India flowers occasion   
Raksha Bandan is a Hindu festival and celebrated all over the world by Hindus. On this festival, a sister tie a Rakhi on her brother's wrist, In return brother promise to took after his sister and gift her a gift. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Shravana month on purnima day. This year raksha bandan is on Saturday, the 25th August 2018. If you are not living with your brother and sister, you don't have to worry and Send Rakhi Flower Bouquets Online and surprise them with beautiful flowers, chocolates, sweets and rakhi.  

Krishna Janmashtami, कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी, annual celebration of the birth of Sri Krishna, the 8th avatar of Vishnu.. Based on scriptural details and astrological calculations, the date of Krishna's birth is 18 July 3228 BCE.

Hindus worldwide celebrate Janmashtami by fasting and staying up until midnight, the time when Krishna is believed to have been born. Many states celebrate it in their own cultural forms. At midnight, devotees gather around for devotional songs, dance and exchange gifts. Some temples also conduct readings of the Hindu religious scripture Bhagavad Gita.

Mathura (in present day Uttar Pradesh) was the capital of the Yadavas, to which Krishna's parents Vasudeva and Devaki belonged. King Kansa, Devaki's brother, had ascended the throne by imprisoning his father, King Ugrasena. Afraid of a prophecy that predicted his death at the hands of Devaki's eighth son, Kansa had the couple locked in a prison cell. After Kansa killed the first six children, and Devaki's apparent miscarriage of the seventh (which was actually a secret transfer of the infant to Rohini as Balarama), Krishna was born.

Following the birth, Vishnu ordered Vasudeva to take Krishna to Gokul to Nanda and Yashoda, where he could live safely, away from his Uncle Kansa. Vasudeva took Krishna with him and crossed the Yamuna to reach Gokul. There, everyone was asleep; so he quietly kept him there and returned with Yashoda's daughter. Kansa, thinking her to be Devki's eight child, threw her on a stone. But she rose into the air and transformed into Yogmaya (who is Vishnu's helper) and warned Kansa about his death. Then, she disappeared. Krishna grew up in Gokul with his brother, Balram. He then returned to Mathura and killed Kansa with the help of Balram.

May Lord Krishna always bless and protect you !

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Beauty With Flowers – Amazing Flowers Facts For Healthy & Glowing Skin!

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Flowers are most beautiful gifts gifted by nature and we also use flowers for many occasions to gift our dear ones. Everyone loves flowers and happy when they receive any flower bouquet, but we are not aware about the amazing facts of flowers for our health and skin. Flowers always make people better. We use different flower for different occasions and festivals. But today I am going to make you aware about the beauty with flowers.

Lotus : Yes Lotus, I am talking about India’s national flower. This is also the national flower of vitamin. You will be amazed when you will read the amazing benefits of Lotus. Lotus is antioxidant and moistening agent. It acts as a skin conditioner and moisturizes the skin. It is also used to balance your oily skin, prevent acne and pimple breakouts. Lotus is not only good for our skin but it is also beneficial for healthy hairs. This is the common problem everyone is going through it and turning towards nature to find a solution for this problem. Use it is as a conditioner and your hair split problem will reduce. It also adds volume and shine in your hairs.

Other Benefits of Lotus:

It reduces bleeding disorder.
It helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure level.
It is used for fungal infection.
It improves male and female fertility.
Rich in Vitamin C and also promote development.
Improve heart health and stomach problem.
It is low in fat and rich in minerals and protein.

Roses: We are well known with this flower and this is a symbol of “Love”. We also use rose in medicines and beauty products because roses have anti-inflammatory properties. They reduce redness and cam the skin. Because of its antibacterial properties it is an amazing product for oily skin people. It is also an amazing product for the people who have dried skin because roses are high in vitamin E and reduce dullness of the skin. Rose ingredients will soothe sunburn. So if you have any occasion just order one bouquet of roses of your favorite color.
Jasmine: This is one of the best flowers for a healthy skin. it is highly used in cosmetic products like oil, perfume and creams. It is good for both our skin and hairs.
Marigold:  This flower has amazing medicinal properties we never noticed about it. This is also known as Calendula flower and a member of the daisy family. We use these flowers for our festivals like Holi and Diwali, but these have incredible uses for skin problems. You can make a paste of these flowers and apply on your face for a glowing skin. You can also use soaked flower water to rains your face and reduce acne problem.
Sunflower: Again very well known flower and full of rich vitamin A, C, D and E.  It can improve skin health. This is antioxidant and good for our glowing and healthy skin. It also protect our skin from sun-damage and pollution. It is an incredible natural ingredient to cosmetic manufacturers due to its affordability, but it contains impressive quantities of vitamin E. Sunflowers provide as a food source.
Carnations: If you feel extremely stressed or anxiety and your muscles are aching, make aromatic vinegar of carnation petals. Carnation is an amazing flower to brighten your skin and increase your level of confidence. It not only brightens your skin, but also minimizes wrinkles on your face. You can order carnation flower bouquet online and use its petals to make a face power or face pack for you.
Lavender: It is used in spa treatments because of its cytophyllactic property. It is used in face packs and creams. It is used for for scars, wrinkles, burns and stretch marks. It is also used in medicines. It reduces anxiety and stress. It restores our skin complexion and reduce acne problem by slowing aging problem because of its antioxidants.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Amazing Flower Facts With Meaning In Our Life – Beauty With Flowers !

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There are approximately 400,000 types of flowering plant species in the world as per research. Each of them have amazing facts and meaning in our life. Do you know the Language of Flowers? Many flowers, herbs, trees, and other plants traditionally symbolize feelings, moods, or ideas. Flowers are the most beautiful gift that can be gifted for any occasion or even without any occasion. You can use flowers to decorate your home, hair style and for jewellery.  The important area of flower symbolism is the meaning of birth month flowers. Flowers can express wide range of emotions based on their colors.

Birthday Flowers:

Birth Month Flowers
The January birth flowers are the carnation and snowdrop.
The February birth flowers are the Violet, Iris and primrose.
The March birth flowers are the Daffodil and the jonquil.
The April birth flowers are the Daisy and the sweet pea.
The May birth flowers are the lily of the valley and hawthorn.
The June birth flowers are the Roses and the honeysuckle.
The July birth flowers are the larkspur and the water lily. 
The August birth flowers are the gladious and the poppy.
The September birth flowers are the aster and the morning glory. 
The October birth flowers are the marigold and cosmos. 
The November birth flower is the chrysanthemum.
The December birth flowers are the narcissus (poinsettia) and the holly.

Flower Facts & Meaning of Flowers

The largest blooming flower in the world is Rafflesia arnoldii, also called corpse lily and rarely found in the rain-forest of Indonesia.
The smallest flower in the world is watermeal, or Wolffia globosa.
Flowers are also used for decorative and festivals purpose on festival like Holi and Diwali.
Flower Facts
Flower Facts with Meaning
 Tulips: In Russia, tulips were used to declare romantic love and blackish part were declared as heart of lover. Tulips can grow at a rate of 1 inch per day even after being cut.
Lotus: The fabric which is made from fibers of lotus plant is used in Myanmar for making robes of Buddha. According to old legend, lotus flowers bloomed everywhere that lord Buddha walked. In Asian traditions, lotus is elegance and beauty.
Flower Meaning
Dandelion:  This flower is rich source of vitamin A and C, Calcium and Iron. Its flower petals are used in making wine while its roots are used as caffeine in coffee.
Daises: Daises symbolize innocence. It is also use for medical purpose. Some daisies open their petals in day’s sun time but close them in evening when sun sets giving them the name day’s eyes.
Roses: Roses are symbol of love and beauty. Roses are rich source of Vitamin C and also used in beauty products. Red roses are symbol of true love and widely used on Valentine Day

The Rainbow Rose is a genuine rose with highly attractive colors. Each rose petal has one of the colors of the rainbow. And so, with her seven different colors, this rose sets the imagination on fire.
 Roses Meaning: 
Roses Color Meaning
Roses Color Meaning
Lilly: Arum lily contains large amounts of calcium oxalate poison which is extremely poisonous on ingestion, even to humans. Lilies are flowers that are toxic and dangerous to cats.
Carnations: Carnations are known as ‘Flower Of Gods and this is the national flower of Japan. Red carnation symbolize deep love, white represents pure love while yellow represents dejection.

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Secrets Revealed For Stress Free Life !!!

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Stress Free Life, Happy Life, Healthy Life

In Today's busy, hectic life and modern life, where there is a lot of competition, innovation and change, employees can't avoid stress, tension and anxiety in their day-to-day life. Only punctual, hardworking, disciplined employees can survive the work pressures and maintain a balance between work life and personal life. Because of the stress, tension and anxiety, there is a decrease in employee's efficiency and productivity. Because of stress and tension for long period they face problem like hypertension, low/high blood pressure, insomnia, depression migraine, back problem, headaches etc. All these are the problems that everyone faces, now come to the next level what is the solution.

Introduction Of  Secrets Revealed For Stress Free Life :-

The conceptual background of yoga has its origins in ancient Indian philosophy, are numerous modern schools or types of yoga, each having its own distinct emphasis regarding the relative content of physical postures and exercises (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), deep relaxation, and meditation practices that cultivate awareness and ultimately more profound states of consciousness. Adroit consultant is also one of them to help you grow and live a happy and healthy life, we provide training and arrange seminars to aware people about benefits of yoga and stress free life. For  business related tips and unique ideas click here.
One of the main concepts in yoga is being non-judgmental toward both yourself and others, which is a powerful tool for stress relief since much of our stress comes from us being hard on ourselves or frustrated with others. A fundamental principle of yoga is that your body and mind are one and connected.Stress in one domain will affect the other and vice versa. Yoga you help to balance and tone the connection between your body and mind.

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Types of Yoga For Stress Free Life:

Postures & Exercises  There are a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility. Poses range from lying on the floor while completely relaxed to difficult postures that may have you stretching your physical limits.

Breathing Techniques For Stress Free Life - Controlling your breathing is an important part of yoga. Yoga teaches that controlling your breathing can help you control your body and mind.

Meditation To Reduce Stress In Life - Meditation may help you learn to be more mindful and aware of the present moment without judgment.
Some of the various meditation techniques are:
Hear- Centered Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation
Creative Mediation
Reflective Meditation

Benefits of Meditation For Us:

Decrease negative emotions
Increase self-awareness
Staying focused and living in present 
Handle stressful situations easily
Keep us calm and help to handle anxiety and anger.

Mental Imagery & Stretching- This is an exercise for mind to increase awareness and control it. Stretching is very simple technique to keep our body flexible and active throughout the day.

Effects of Yoga on Our Body:

Yoga is a name derives from work 'yoke'  to bring together, means it bringing mind, body and spirit together. It is so effective that it encourage good mood, keep us active and stress free. It is so powerful that by watching its effects, world has started to celebrate 'International Yoga Day' on 21 June.

Some More Effects of Yoga are: 

Reduced stress
Reduced cortical levels
Allergy and asthma symptom relief
Lower blood pressure
Smoking cessation help
Lower heart rate
Reduced anxiety and muscle tension
Increased strength and flexibility
Slowed aging process.

How & From Where To Start
We all know about yoga and even benefits of yoga, we read many articles and posters about yoga centers but due to busy and hectic schedule, we do not get time. Many studies have found that a little yoga in the morning, at night, or even on a lunch break, can minimize stress and increase productivity. Companies and schools can start it in the morning, lunch time or in the evening. Some people some how able to manage time from their busy schedule and try yoga at their home by reading the articles, book or by watching any video. But they might don't know the reverse effect of doing it in a wrong way that why our elders say half knowledge is more harmful then knowing and doing nothing. is here to help you providing training or yoga class with the help of yoga trainers.
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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Holi - The Festival of Colours

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Happy Holi, Holi 2018, Holi Celebration, How To Celebrate Holi

The Festival of Colours is upon us in a day's time, and we are all excited already. This time we have to celebrate Holi by sending multi-colour flowers & Sweets to our friends. With the burning of the Holika pyre, to the playing with colours, from the mouth-watering gujias, mathris, malpuas to the unpredictable effect of bhaang, Holi is definitely one of the most fun festivals in India. But there are some unconventional ways that some parts of the country celebrate Holi.
The festival is partly a celebration of the legend of Prahlad - a young follower of Vishnu who despite being carried into fire by the demons Holika managed a miraculous escape - good triumphed over evil. In fact, there are many legends that are directly linked to Holi, and the reasons for celebration have evolved over time. It is thought that the festival may have existed several centuries before Christ, and although it started out bearing Holika’s name, it is now often simply known as ‘The Festival of Colours’.
The day after the full moon, before the festival began, bonfires will have been lit to remember Prahlad’s escape. Then today, an explosion of movement and colour will be painting entire villages, towns, and cities a myriad of intense colours. Many will be calling out this traditional Holi greeting:
“Bura na mano, Holi hai.